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BIOS 1.05 for Zida Tomato 6DLX

You have selected BIOS version 1.05 for the Zida Tomato 6DLX motherboard. If you want to download it, click on the Download BIOS icon. All BIOS are without warranty, but have been tested in the past without any problems. Zida Tomato motherboards are of an older date and cannot update the BIOS from Windows. So you need to boot to DOS and run the update program. Remember, there is a different utility for AMI BIOS than for the Award BIOS! This board contains AMI BIOS.



Size: 111,94 KB
Release: 1998-05-26 [May '98]

BIOS file / BIOS-Datei / Файл BIOS / Archivo BIOS / BIOS dosyası / BIOS文件

  • BIOS File name:
  • BIOS ID: AMI 6DLX0606
  • Fixed problem when exiting Windows 95 using 16-bit CD-ROM drivers.
    Fixed the timeout loop when detecting CD-ROMs via MSCDEX.
    Updated BIOS detection and compatibility of Seagate TM, ST series hard drives for various configurations.
    Added disk support larger than 8.4GB.

    Note: BIOS is suitable for revision boards 0.10, 1.00 and 1.00A.
Download BIOS 6DLX

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