BIOSes for Zida Tomato motherboards

FLASH MEMORY WRITER 5.4 for Zida motherboards

Below you will find a selected utility that is designed for use with Zida Tomato motherboards. Usually these are utilities used to update the firmware or BIOS of the motherboard. Remember that flashing takes place at your own risk. If the update fails, contact a suitable IT service center.
Most utilities come from the turn of the millennium and require booting from a DOS floppy disk ideally in MS-DOS version 6.x without the established himem.sys and without emm386.



Size: 9,86 KB
Release: 1996
Downloaded: 786×

Utility file / Utility-Datei / Служебный файл / Archivo de utilidad / Yardımcı program dosyası / 实用文件

  • Utility File name:
  • Flash Memory Writer 5.4 / Award Modular BIOS
    Designed only for flash chips: 28F010 /12V, AMD 29F002T /5V, AMD 29F010 /5V, ATMEL 29C010A /3V, ATMEL 29C010A /5V, ATMEL 29C020 /5V, CSI CAT28F001P /12V, CSI CAT28F002T /12V, INTEL 28F001BX-T /12V, INTEL 28F002BX-T /12V, MXIC 28F002TTC /12V, MXIC 28F1000AP /12V, MXIC 28F1000P /12V, MXIC 28F2000PPC /12V, MXIC 28F2000TPC /12V, SST 28EE010, SST 28EE011 /5V, SST 29EE020 /5V, TI TMS28F020 /12V, WINBOND 29C020 /5V and WINBOND 29EE011 /5V
    This version is suitable for flashing the Zida 4DPS, Zida 5DVX, Zida 5STX, Zida 5SVA and Zida 6DXP motherboard BIOS.


Latest Zida Tomato BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
P845SD 1.50 2002-11-11 61×
A815EU 1.20 2002-06-22 58×
A845SD 1.40 2002-06-11 69×
P845GL 1.31 2002-06-06 61×
A845DD 1.07 2002-05-18 62×

TOP5 downloaded BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
4DPS 4.01e 1998-12-01 465×
4DPS 1.72 1997-07-08 297×
A845DD 1.02 2001-12-11 243×
4DPS 4.00e 1998-09-01 219×
TX98-3D 1.16m 2001-01-01 216×

TOP5 PDF Zida datasheets

Version Date Downloads
5SVA r1.6 1998-07-03 995×
4DPS r2.10 1998-01-01 471×
ZX98-CT r1.00 1999-04-22 437×
4DPS r2.00 1997-10-15 395×
TX98-3D r1.01 1998-07-30 386×

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