BIOSes for Zida Tomato motherboards

BIOSes for Zida Tomato 5DXP

Below is a list of all available BIOS for the Zida 5DXP motherboard. Depending on the BIOS type, it is necessary to choose a suitable flashing program. All files were historically obtained either directly from the manufacturer or from public sources on the Internet. The manufacturer Zida Technologies has not existed for a long time and therefore only a small community of enthusiasts maintains this list. Please excuse any mistakes or unfinished works.



Size: 105,55 KB
Release: 1996-08-05 [August '96]
Downloaded: 20×

BIOS file / BIOS-Datei / Файл BIOS / Archivo BIOS / BIOS dosyası / BIOS文件

  • BIOS File name:
  • BIOS ID: AMI _TG_A386A65F   (ID list)
  • The first and the last known version of the BIOS.
    It supports the transition to 2000 in addition to changing one byte in CMOS memory, which is negligible.

    Note: Supports only non-MMX, AMD K5, and Cyrix processors Cx6x86. When using new CPUs such as WinChip or WinChip2 doesn't find anything at all!
Download BIOS 5DXP

Latest Zida Tomato BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
P845SD 1.50 2002-11-11
A815EU 1.20 2002-06-22
A845SD 1.40 2002-06-11 14×
P845GL 1.31 2002-06-06
A845DD 1.07 2002-05-18

TOP5 downloaded BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
4DPS 4.01e 1998-12-01 113×
4DPS 1.71 1996-10-17 56×
4DPS 4.00e 1998-09-01 54×
4DPS 1.72 1997-07-08 54×
TX98-3D 1.14 1999-08-31 47×

TOP5 PDF Zida datasheets

Version Date Downloads
5SVA r1.6 1998-07-03 402×
LX98-AT r1.02 1998-10-14 118×
BX3D-CT r1.01 1998-12-12 61×
4DPS r3.10 1999-06-18 58×
EX98 r1.02 1998-10-14 54×

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