BIOSes for Zida Tomato motherboards

BIOSes for Zida Tomato CreateLXe-ATX

Below is a list of all available BIOS for the Zida CreateLXe-ATX motherboard. Depending on the BIOS type, it is necessary to choose a suitable flashing program. All files were historically obtained either directly from the manufacturer or from public sources on the Internet. The manufacturer Zida Technologies has not existed for a long time and therefore only a small community of enthusiasts maintains this list. Please excuse any mistakes or unfinished works.



Size: 115,21 KB
Release: 1998-08-11 [August '98]

BIOS file / BIOS-Datei / Файл BIOS / Archivo BIOS / BIOS dosyası / BIOS文件

  • BIOS File name:
  • BIOS ID: AMI 6DEXX810   (ID list)
  • Supports Pentium II including Celeron CPU, all on FSB 66MHz.
    Celeron A is also supported (with 128kB L2 cache). Without this update, the CPU runs slowly, almost like 286/16.
    To update the BIOS, we recommend AMIFLASH in version 8.20.
    Meaning: when changing the FSB to a value other than 66 MHz, Celeron-A is only detected as a normal Celeron.
Download BIOS CreateLXe-ATX

Latest Zida Tomato BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
P845SD 1.50 2002-11-11
A815EU 1.20 2002-06-22
A845SD 1.40 2002-06-11 15×
P845GL 1.31 2002-06-06
A845DD 1.07 2002-05-18

TOP5 downloaded BIOSes

Motherboard Version Date Downloads
4DPS 4.01e 1998-12-01 117×
4DPS 1.71 1996-10-17 56×
4DPS 1.72 1997-07-08 55×
4DPS 4.00e 1998-09-01 54×
TX98-3D 1.14 1999-08-31 47×

TOP5 PDF Zida datasheets

Version Date Downloads
5SVA r1.6 1998-07-03 420×
LX98-AT r1.02 1998-10-14 126×
4DPS r3.10 1999-06-18 66×
BX3D-CT r1.01 1998-12-12 62×
EX98 r1.02 1998-10-14 54×

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