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PDF datasheets for Zida Tomato 5STX-J98

The list below lists all available manuals and technical documentation for the motherboard Zida Tomato 5STX-J98. All files were historically obtained either directly from the manufacturer or from public sources on the Internet. The manufacturer Zida Technologies has not existed for a long time and therefore only a small community of enthusiasts maintains this list. Please excuse any mistakes or unfinished works.
All available documents are (with one exception) stored in PDF format and packed from ZIP. In case of an error in the file, try downloading the manual again. If the problem persists, please contact us in the About section.


5STX-J98 r1.01

Size: 465,17 KB
Release: 1998-07-10 [July '98]
Downloaded: 143×

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  • Document Revision: 2.0, Intended for Zida 5STX-J98.

    Congratulations on purchasing the highest performance Pentium motherboard. With the advanced technologies available today, this motherboard is designed to run Intel’s Pentium processors at speeds up to 233 MHz. The on-board system memory consists of SIMM and DIMM that gives you the most flexibility for system design. It supports up to 256 MB of DRAM using standard 72-pin SIMM sockets that accept either Fast Page Mode (FPM) and Extended Data Out (EDO) memory. In addition, two unbuffered, 3.3 Volts, 168-pin SDRAM sockets are also included for up to 256MB Synchronous Dynamic Memory support. A 321-pin, type 7, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket allows an easy upgrade path for the future Pentium Overdrive processors.
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P845SD 1.50 2002-11-11 59×
A815EU 1.20 2002-06-22 56×
A845SD 1.40 2002-06-11 66×
P845GL 1.31 2002-06-06 59×
A845DD 1.07 2002-05-18 60×

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TOP5 PDF Zida datasheets

Version Date Downloads
5SVA r1.6 1998-07-03 993×
4DPS r2.10 1998-01-01 468×
ZX98-CT r1.00 1999-04-22 434×
4DPS r2.00 1997-10-15 391×
TX98-3D r1.01 1998-07-30 382×

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